Greetings from Michael Krouse


Remember those TV Commercials?  What a difference a day makes?  Seems these days it should be what a difference an hour can make. This video was filmed in one hour to give you a glimpse into one of my typical whirlwind days. All throughout that hour of running around the Ontario Convention Center I was also on a few phone calls and returning some emails. Multi-tasking with our convenient electronic gadgets provides us the opportunity to accomplish more and more. It can also give you creative ways to beat the competition and competition is fierce in the hospitality industry. Whether it’s a hotel chain, an airline, a cruise ship company or a restaurant, businesses are utilizing the most up-to-date systems for improving guest satisfaction.

Over 90% of hospitality businesses attempt to increase productivity by learning their guests’ predilections. There are many types of software on the market that can collect data regarding your guests’ satisfaction. Restaurants can know in advance the type of wine you prefer, food allergies, or your favorite dish, even your cocktail of choice. Hotels are capturing unique information as well – one example is a favorite family board game placed in the room awaiting their visit. Utilizing an on-line survey to learn about a guests preferences is a great way to sneak in the little things you can learn about to provide personalized customer service. 

Regardless of the collection method used, keep in mind the reason for doing so is to ensure exceptional customer service. Knowledge acquired about a guest is useless unless it enhances personal service. Systems that engage customers include customer loyalty programs, such as one that offers discounts or other amenities for repeat business. At Ontario Convention Center and Citizens Business Bank Arena we electronically survey our guests.  Not only do we learn about their experience but we use that information to retrain staff and ensure we are providing the best guest service possible.