Greetings from Michael Krouse


What do you have planned for Easter Sunday, April 16th? It used to be a great time for a family vacation to start or wrap up since the kids had a week off for Spring Break. In the past, elementary schools had a week break tied into Easter Sunday. Now several schools have changed the curriculum to incorporate a two week break from school at the best time in the calendar year to allow catching up and studying prior to testing. In our area that was early March. Maybe it’s a good idea to diversify the calendar with family time separate from the traditional “Spring Break” college crowd.  

 After all Spring Break is a rite of passage. Each year, tens of thousands of college students flee their dorms and head for sunnier locales. If you have sunshine you’ll be a top destination. The number one location for 2017 was predicted to be Las Vegas. 

 With over 6,000 hotel rooms in Greater Ontario and plenty of sunshine we get our fair share of visitors, from business professionals to families. Located at the epicenter of Southern California, with affordable lodging, and easy transportation options we meet people from all over the nation escaping snow and cold weather this time of the year. We look forward to welcoming visitors all year, and especially when we see their faces warm up with our California sunshine!