Oktoberfest “Cheers”

Greater Ontario Convention & Visitors Bureau

This year, Munich will host 7 million travelers from around the world for the annual Oktoberfest. With foaming beers in hand, many are able to forget the high costs of the festival everyone holds so dear. The price of beer, accommodations and flight prices will be raised significantly for all in attendance. Consuming 6,900,000 liters of beer may be the reason for losing personal items like eyeglasses, wallets and cell phone but no doubt it may also help with the sticker shock on the hotel rates. The average priced hotel room a few weeks prior to the event is 40 euros compared to 200 euros during the event. Flights show a 220 percent increase as well. The significance in individual travelers’ costs during the week of Oktoberfest shows just how many are willing to pay for a good time.

The 46th annual Oktoberfest at Big Bear Lake is every weekend from September 10 thru October 29. The quaint celebration has always been based on the lore of the world’s original Oktoberfest.  Over the years, the Big Bear Lake Oktoberfest has become world renowned for its own traditions and old-world ambience, celebrating friends, family and good times.  A festival like no other, guests are treated to authentic German entertainment; feast on Brats and Knockwursts direct from the German butcher; and enjoy the very same beers poured at Munich’s Oktoberfest for more than 150 years!  Save the airfare, stay in the Greater Ontario region and drive up for a fun weekend. More information can be found at: