Smile – US Travel wants your face!


Since 1983 the National Travel and Tourism Week has provided a focus on our industry nationwide. The Greater Ontario Convention & Visitors Bureau will be celebrating our one year anniversary of the California Welcome Center during this week which is May 7 – 13, 2017. Keep an eye out for your invitation and join us in celebrating the success of our California Welcome Center at Ontario Mills.

This year the theme for National Travel and Tourism Week is “The Faces of Travel”. The theme shines a spotlight on the power of travel by recognizing the millions of people who keep this industry strong.  The livelihood of more than 15 million Americans is supported by this industry.  And it is one place where the right things matter most—reliability, hustle and attitude. These are the people who help others connect because hospitality runs in their DNA, fueling the travel industry's continued success. These are the jobs and the people we should be celebrating.

Let’s join in celebrating the power of travel, and particularly the people who make our industry remarkable. The “Faces of Travel” is a way to highlight our own.  Grab your camera, or should I say phone, take the selfie and share your story! For more information on and a great toolkit to get started go to: