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City of Ontario is Proud ro Host Sheets, Sheets & Caughman: Art for Living and Living for Art

CIty of Ontario Economic Development Agency

Exhibition Dates: February 2 – March 26, 2017
The Ontario Museum of History & Art and the Chaffey Community Museum of Art are jointly presenting a major exhibition – Art for Living and Living for Art – that explores the artistic duality of three artists: Millard Sheets, Tony Sheets and Luis “Rick” Caughman.  These three artists each created art for commercial and public art applications, and each produced a significant body of artwork for their own pleasure. 

Drone Camp, UAS Training And More To Be Featured At AMA Expo Event To Be Held In Ontario, CA January 6-8

The Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) will host the 19th annual AMA Expo West, presented by, at the Ontario Convention Center in Ontario, California January 6 - 8.

The three-day event is a “whole family” experience featuring opportunities to learn about, fly and buy model aircraft and drones.


City of Ontario

Founded as a model colony in 1882 by George and William Chaffey, brothers from Brockville, Ontario, Canada, the City of Ontario was created as a model colony. As the Chaffey brothers purchased and developed the land, their continuous efforts to lure new settlers worked and the colony quickly grew. Today, the City of Ontario continues its commitment to creating opportunity and building value in the community.

CA Welcome Center Staff earns top Pink recognition!


Ontario Mills just wrapped up their second annual event to raise funds for the Susan G. Komen fight against breast cancer. More than 180 participating Simon Malls nationwide encourage staff, retailers, and shoppers to help make a difference. From cash donations, to a fund raising walk and a discount card program offering shopping discounts, the efforts were amazing. The message board was a way to make it personal – to give a face to the many people we all know effected by cancer.

BOOM –are you ready?


For the first time since industrialization, companies are now faced with a larger generation exiting the workforce than entering. As the Baby Boomers retire, Generation X is not large enough to replace them and is followed by a large, less experienced cohort – the Millennials. This structural change to workforce itself has helped drive employee rewards and recognition to center stage, as CEO’s and senior leaders must strategize to retain as many top performing Boomers for as long as possible, while simultaneously “training up” Millennials at a much faster rate than previous generations.

Travel Incentives Build Brand Loyalty and Help Business Take Flight


It’s common knowledge among business managers that incentives—especially those with broad appeal —pay off by drawing and retaining clients and boosting company growth. Yet not all incentives are created equal.  Mounting evidence shows travel incentives are more valued than anything—even cash. For one, a USA Today survey showed 93% of respondents prefer travel over other incentives. There are many reasons behind the numbers. Aside from having universal appeal, travel offers an experience.

Greetings from Michael Krouse


Can you believe we are getting close to wrapping up another calendar year?  November is a time for reflection and to give thanks for all we have.  Reflecting on all we have accomplished this year it is a perfect time to say Thank You to our partners, team, and our local community. At Greater Ontario Convention & Visitors Bureau we have successfully met so many of our goals.  Here are a few highlights:

Oktoberfest “Cheers”

Greater Ontario Convention & Visitors Bureau

This year, Munich will host 7 million travelers from around the world for the annual Oktoberfest. With foaming beers in hand, many are able to forget the high costs of the festival everyone holds so dear. The price of beer, accommodations and flight prices will be raised significantly for all in attendance. Consuming 6,900,000 liters of beer may be the reason for losing personal items like eyeglasses, wallets and cell phone but no doubt it may also help with the sticker shock on the hotel rates.

Global airfare to remain flat while hotel rates to rise in 2017: report provided by ARPRelax News

Greater Ontario Convention & Visitors Bureau

A new travel report forecasts that global hotel rates will increase by up to five percent in 2017, while air fares will remain stable

According to travel consultancy group Advito, hotel rates are predicted to increase between 1 and 3 percent next year, with the strongest inflation expected in North America, the Southwest Pacific and the Middle East.


Greater Ontario Convention & Visitors Bureau

Fall in Southern California is easy to miss. Do we really have fall in Southern California, or is the season just one of 50 shades of summer? Until we get a cold snap we continue to enjoy summer like weather.  To feel the crispness in the air you would need to visit the mountains or dessert which we can easily get to from the Greater Ontario region.

This time of year all of us at the Greater Ontario Convention & Visitors Bureau are busy with recap reports, supporting our Ontario Convention Center team with plans for the annual Fall Fest at Ontario Town Square.    


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